The industrial PhD project “Sculpting in Time and Space” is a collaboration between production company MAKROPOL, Aalborg University’s Multisensory Experience Lab, and the National Film School of Denmark. The project is supported by Innovation Fund Denmark and Nordisk Film Fonden. 

As the first in-depth study of the immersive, embodied film in Denmark, the PhD project will employ its own term “XR Cinema” to describe a category of experiences with a cinematic quality and rounded narrative, which through the use of immersive technologies, exemplified by VR, draws upon affordances of spatiality and embodiment in their storytelling.

The aim of the PhD project is to map and analyse how the current use of immersive technologies in cinematic experiences is expanding the possibilities of traditional cinema and to develop methodologies for venue-specific implementation of the identified links between immersive technologies and cinematic embodied storytelling. The project claims that if we can identify these expansions and venue-responsive links, then we can facilitate the development of novel venue concepts to function as outlets for current and future XR Cinema experiences thus leading to a unified XR Cinema ecosystem.

The PhD student, Camilla Jaller, holds a B.A. in Comparative Literature from University of Copenhagen from 2015 and a Master of Arts in Visual Culture also from University of Copenhagen, 2017. Camilla has lived and studied in Berlin at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and she is a keen writer and frequent speaker at conferences including Post Screen: Intermittence+Interference in Lisbon and RIXC Art and Science Festival in Riga. More info at: www.camillajaller.dk